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Selfie at the Sancy

Hi This is victor.azevedo, a new dev in town !

preview of bonjourr's interface



A minimal chrome and firefox homepage addon. Even with the amount of customization available, it is still extremely lightweight. Now with over 100k happy users! In collaboration with tahoe.be.

Bonjourr API

Cloudflare Worker

This is Bonjourr's backend. It is a collection of small services bundled into one REST API, currently serving millions of requests per month.


Static site

A tiny showcase website and documentation for Bonjourr. Originaly made by tahoe.be, I then migrated the website from Gatsby to Astro.

APIs and modules

Pocket editor

Node module

Notion-styled text editor that returns markdown. Created with the goal of loading as fast as pure html.

Favicon Fetcher


Edge function to fetch the best favicon from any websites. Replacement for the defunct favicon grabber.

Search Suggestions


A bundle of different search suggestions providers with the same json output. Optimized for Cloudflare Workers, but also work as a standalone module.

Sites and Webapps

savonnerielacurieuse landing page

La Curieuse


A single page showcase website for the savonnerie La Curieuse. Updated with Tailwind & Astro. Perfect score on lighthouse !

polytronome interfacepolytronome interface



A webapp where you can add multiple metronomes with different rythms to see what it sounds like. I learned that the sweet spot in React between not capable and completely overkill is very small.

sketch of this portfoliosketch of this portfolio



This 6th version of my portfolio was made with Astro with the smallest config possible. Improved accessibility from previous versions.

Bombparty Genius


This web app was created not to cheat at bombparty by quickly switching tab, writing the requested letters, and write the output in your current game. Not sure if it even works in practice.

Various forks, pages & other works


Module fork

An ES module port of @fastify/deepmerge. Fastify has the best deepmerge implementation, but it is commonjs only. Types and benchmarks are working properly.


Module fork

Prism-powered code editor. Getting ahead of PrismJS/live development by publishing a working package. Old prototype Javascript is a very interesting coding style to work on.

i18n quotes, shjs, and more


There is more stuff I could add in here but your scrolling finger will get tired. All my other works are in my repositories.

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